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Sinn Féin's Leader on Why Brexit Threatens the Peace Process in Ireland

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald speaks to GMB about the implications Brexit will have on the Good Friday Agreement and the peace across Ireland. The Irish republican party says that a "no-deal Brexit' will lead to a referendum on a united Ireland. Click the video news report.

China hoards gold to end USD dominance

Beijing has joined the global gold rush, increasing its gold reserves for two months in a row to more than 59.94 million ounces. Meanwhile, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo urged companies to limit their business with Huawei. RT America's Sara Montes de Oca reports. Click the video news report.

Russia to disconnect its internet systems from the global network, as a test

Russia is planning to disconnect its internet systems from the global network, as a test of its cyber-defences. Click the video news report.

Turkey's construction industry struggles on | Al Jazera

Empty high-rises and homes fit for royalty have become symbols of Turkey's struggling economy. Construction has been at the heart of the country's growth but inflation and a devalued currency are threatening to take the industry from boom to bust. Click the video news report.

Explained: what Brexit could we get? Norway? Canada? WTO?

Politicians have been bickering about Brexit for the past two years, but everything that has happened so far is just figuring out how we leave the EU - we still have to sort out what kind of relationship we have once we have actually left. Confused about Norway +? The Switzerland model? Our explainer cuts through the jargon and has all the answers you need. Click the video news report.

North Macedonia sees a landmark overhaul over name deal | Al Jazeera

North Macedonia has not only changed its name. It is undergoing a landmark overhaul. Within six months, it must rename state institutions, rewrite school textbooks and relabel public monuments. Critics say this will tamper with its identity. The government says it will help discover it. Click the video news report.

SESAR programme: Changing the skies of the Europe

The volume of air traffic in European skies of Europe is constantly increasing. In the future, to handle the new workload, there will be remote control towers that can handle multiple airports at the same time.... Click the video news report.

Why Australia Hasn't Had A Recession In Decades

America's economic expansion is approaching a big milestone. If the U.S. economy keeps humming until July 2019 it would be the longest period of growth on record. The expansion would be exactly one decade and one month old by then. But there's another country with an even more impressive run. Australia hasn't had a recession in 27 years. Click the video news report.

Government tears up £14m no deal Brexit contract for ferry firm with no ferries

It was one of three ferry firms meant to shore up Britain's supply of goods in the event of a No Deal Brexit. Click the video news report.

Cyprus 'golden passports' bring Russians into the EU l Al Jazeera

The EU has warned that the "golden passports" being given by Cyprus to wealthy Russian oligarchs will allow organised crime to infiltrate the bloc. Even some established Russian businessmen on the island are concerned, worrying that the new oligarchs do not live in Cyprus and the properties that they are purchasing will become a ghost town. Pressure from the European Commission may bring an end to the "golden passports", but for now, the marina in Limassol is rapidly filling with luxury yachts. Click the video news report.

Twenty years on, what's next for the euro?

From a dream project not many believed in, to the currency of 340 million Europeans. We look at the past, present and future of the euro.... Click the video news report.

Economists on impact of no-deal Brexit

A group of Brexiteers have launched their proposals for a free trade agreement between the UK and EU, claiming it will produce the "most advanced and liberalising" conditions ever seen. Click the video news report.

Trump's 2019 State of the Union address | Full Speech

President Trump delivers his second State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. Click the video news report.

May defends Brexit strategy in Northern Ireland

Theresa May has sought to reassure business leaders and politicians in Northern Ireland that there will be no return to a hard border on the island of Ireland. Click the video news report.

Nathan Gill: "We have to leave on the 29th if no-one blinks, I don't believe the EU will blink"

"We have to leave on the 29th if no-one blinks, I don't believe the EU will blink" says Nathan Gill MEP as Theresa May will return to Brussels after the EU insists nothing has changed. Click te video discussion.

Will UAE face sanctions over Venezuelan gold? l Inside Story

The economic crisis in Venezuela has forced millions of people to leave the country, as they can't afford basic goods such as food and medicine. In an attempt to buy in imports and meet the demands, President Nicolas Maduro has been using the country's gold reserves. The Reuters news agency says he's planning to sell 29 tonnes of gold this month from the central bank vaults to the United Arab Emirates in return for cash in Euros. Click the vedeo news report.

Dissecting Data: Philippine GDP grows 6.1 percent in Q4 as inflation eases

The economy grew at a faster pace in the fourth quarter of 2018 but below forecasts as inflation began to ease and as the farm sector recovered, official data released showed. Click the video news report.

Economic outlook for Poland in 2019

In the first episode of #PTLive, Richard Stephens, founder and editor of Poland Today, discusses Economic outlook for Poland in 2019 with his guest Carlos E. Pinerua - World Bank country manager for Poland and the Baltic States. Recorded live in Warsaw, Jan. 25th 2019. Click the videonews report.

"The EU thinks it's very important" - EU-Japan trade deal comes into force

As the UK tries to sort out a Brexit plan, the EU continues to do business. Today marks the opening of the biggest free-trade zone in the world, as the trade deal between the EU and Japan comes into force.... Click the video news report.

Saudi Aramco: The Company and the State | Al Jazeera

For the past two years, Saudi Arabia has prepared to place its national oil company on the stock market. Officials talked up the Saudi Aramco initial public offering (IPO) with international exchanges and global banks. It seemed like a great idea that the world's largest oil producing company, valued at $2 trillion, would become the world's largest ever traded stock. Click the video news report.

EU passes resolution recognizing Guaido as Venezuelan president

The European Parliament voted to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate interim president of Venezuela and urged EU leaders to do the same. Click the video news report.

EU to bypass US sanctions on Iran | DW News

Several EU states have created a new payment channel in a bid to bypass US sanctions on Iran. It's called INSTEX and Germany, France and the UK are behind it. It's designed to allow Iran access to European markets without having to rely on international banks, because banks face penalties under the US-sanction regime. The new payment system will allow Iran to sell products like oil to European customers. Instex would then get the payment due to Iran and keep it. In turn, European companies can deliver food or medicical supplies to Iran, while getting paid by INSTEX. That would allow participants on both sides of system to avoid running afowl of US sanctions that only forbid monetary transactions with Iran - which INSTEX circumvents. Still, companies using INSTEX might risk retaliation from the US. Click the video news report.

America's Rising National Debt - Explained

With low unemployment, GDP growth and wages on the rise, America's economy is booming. But there's one troubling part of the economy that could become a big problem: America's rising national debt. Click the video news report.

Brussels bureaucrats discuss Brexit after Commons vote

Juncker, Barnier, Farage and the rest of the European Parliament is due to debate Brexit a day after the House of Commons holds a series of votes on Prime Minister Theresa May's "Plan B" and alternative amendments. Theresa May will return to Brussels with the wind in her sails after winning a massive Brexit battle in the House of Commons last night. Click the video news report.

BREXIT VOTE: Theresa May stuns EU with shock U-turn - 'Let's SEND EU a message'

The future of Theresa May's Brexit deal will be decided later today when a series of knife-edge votes on major amendments to Britain's exit terms come before MPs. The Prime Minister shocked Parliament this afternoon after she urged the European Union to re-open Brexit negotiations in a bid to secure changes to the controversial backstop plan to avoid a hard border in Ireland. But her decision to throw her weight behind a backbench amendment which would remove the backstop has prompted accusations that she is effectively "voting against her own deal". Click the video news report.

Decoding Brexit: Making sense of the jargon

.Customs Union, Single Market, Withdrawal Agreement... we've been bombarded with complex terminology by politicians for months. But what does it all mean? And why does it matter?...Click the video news report.

Cash out: Eurozone banks stop issuing €500 note in fight against crime

Central banks across Europe's single currency area stopped issuing the purple €500 bill amid concerns it makes life easier for criminals. The banknote's association with money laundering and terrorist financing has earned it the nickname "Bin Laden" in some circles.The €500 note makes it easier to transport large sums of money. For example, €1 million in €500 bills weighs just 2.2kg, compared with more than 20kg if €50 denominations are used. Germany and Austria are the only central banks in the euro area that will continue to issue the banknotes. Click the video news report.

EU won't OK Brexit without backstop, says Ireland

The European Union will not ratify a Brexit deal which doesn't include a backstop to prevent the return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, Ireland's deputy Prime Minister has insisted, again. Click the video news report.

Germany to phase out coal-powered electricity by 2038

Germany has agreed to shut down all coal-fired electricity plants by 2038.... Click the video news report.

Why are tensions running high in Venezuela? | Euronews

Political tensions are running high in Venezuela, but how did it all begin? Watch Euronews' Venezuela expert, Camille Bello, explain the situation. ...Click the video news report.

Davos 2019: What happened on the second Day of the World Economic Forum | DW News

The second day of the World Economic Forum in Davos has come to an end. After Trump, Macron and May canceled this year, influential politicians are in short supply. All the more attention is being given to those who did show up, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan.  Click the video news report.

IKEA is hiring! Risk Management Specialist - apply here

Hear from Bert Schijf who is Risk & Compliance Manager at IKEA Franchise.  Click the video news report.

UK Trade Minister Liam Fox says government looking for a compromise on backstop

Liam Fox is making deals in Davos this week in an effort to protect UK business and trade....Click the video news report.

Dyson HQ's move out of Britain adds to Brexit jitters

The CBI has called on prime minister Theresa May to rule out a no-deal Brexit immediately to stop "irreversible damage and to restore business confidence." Click the video news report.

EU nationals welcome waiver of post-Brexit registration fee

Campaign launched to register some 3.5 million EU nationals living in the UK... Click the video news report.

France fines Google €50 million using EU's transparency and consent law

France's regulatory body dealing with data privacy has fined Google €50 million regarding advertisers' access to users' personal data, it announced on Monday. Click the video news report.

US Exposes : REAL MOTIVE For Shutdown(VIDEO)!!!

Pelosi has been lamenting the poor American families going without paychecks, claiming there's nothing she can do. Well, First Lady Melania Trump just stepped in. With one bold move, she exposed the House Speaker's real motive for keeping the government shut down. Click the video news report.

What are leveraged loans?

Where do companies already in debt turn to for credit? Leveraged lending has seen a rapid rise since the financial crisis of 2008, hitting over $1tn in the US alone. But as lender protections weaken and more investors snap up these risky assets, some watchdogs warn that the booming market could pose a threat to the financial system. Click the video news report.

Brexit crisis: EU reacts to potential no-deal l Al Jazeera

France has put in motion a contingency plan to deal with an eventual "no-deal Brexit", including 50 million euros ($57m) of investments to help ports and airports cope. Businesses and individuals across Europe are concerned about potential disruptions in the case of a no-deal Brexit. But France is not the only country that is on alert.  Click the video news report.

Matera, European Capital of Culture: watch the opening ceremony live

Matera is celebrating its inauguration as the European Capital of Culture 2019 with a spectacular opening weekend.  Click the video news report.

France triggers no-deal Brexit contingency plan | Euronews

After that vote, French officials have realised that a no-deal Brexit is now more and more likely". France has triggered a contingency plan to prepare for the UK to crash out of the EU without a deal. Click the video news report.

North Korea's Secret Money

Over the years, an estimated 150,000 North Korean workers have been sent abroad to raise money for the ruling Kim family. This film reveals the men and women who help generate billions of dollars for North Korea - from former high-ranking officers to the workers who toil in factories and on construction sites around the world, only to have most of their salaries go directly back to the pariah state. 101 East meets defectors who say the cash earned overseas goes directly to the Kim family and has helped fund the development of their nuclear missile program. A former high-ranking official reveals how former leader Kim Jong-il created 'Office 39', which manages thousands of companies and factories overseas and provides half of the country's gross domestic product. Click the video news report.

MPs vote on no-confidence motion after May's deal defeat

Parliament to debate Labour no-confidence motion after resounding loss that gives May just days to present a fresh vision for EU withdrawal. Click the video  news report.

What Happens Now May's Deal Was Rejected? - Brexit Explained

May's deal has finally been rejected by the House of Commons. Now the government has to decide how they want to go forward with Brexit. They could initiate a general election or second referendum. They could try and negotiate another deal. Or they could give up and opt for a no deal or no brexit. Click the video news report.

Brussels prepares for UK rejection of May's Brexit

Theresa May's hopes of saving her #Brexit plan will hinge on the scale of her loss. If she manages to limit it she is likely to ask Brussels for more concessions. Click the video news report.

Theresa May's Brexit deal rejected by Parliament

The House of Commons voted 432 -202 against the deal struck between Britain's government and the EU in November; Greg Palkot reports from London.  Click the video news report.

Shares drop for German tyre giant | Talking Business

Shares in German automotive supplier Continental dropped more than 2% today. Business Analyst Guy Shone ‏joins us from London to detail this and other stories in our 'Talking Business' segment. Click the video news report.

Why May's Deal Will Fail in Parliament - Brexit Explained

Why May's deal will fail when presented to parliament. May's opposition parties (Labour, SNP, Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and Greens) all dislike the deal. May's partners the DUP don't like the deal. Even many of May's own MPs don't like the deal. So we run through why they don't like the deal and why her deal will fail to pass through the commons. Click the video news report.

Blame it on Brexit: The cost to the financial services industry

A report published this week estimated that banks and other financial companies have shifted at least a trillion dollars-worth of assets out of the country and into the EU. They're setting up new offices in places like Frankfurt, so Brexit is already having an impact. Click the video news report.

Macedonian parliament agrees to change country's name l Al Jazeera

The Macedonian parliament has amended the constitution to rename the country as the Republic of Northern Macedonia. Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev secured the required majority in parliament on Friday that was needed to rename the country in line with a landmark agreement with Greece to end a decades-long dispute. Click the video news report.

CES 2019: New technologies on show l Al Jazeera English

The annual consumer electronics show is under way in Las Vegas. Usually, it's a proving ground for innovators and new technologies. But this year, there is anxiety over tumbling stock prices, and a trade war between the United States and China. Click the video news report.

Philippines-China 2018 Review (January 5, 2018 1/3)

Based on the pipeline of programs and projects for official development assistance as of Sept. 28, 18 projects and programs worth a total of P743 billion would be rolled out using Chinese financing-16 worth P740.5 billion through loans on top of two projects with a combined project cost of P2.5 billion through grants. The Bases Conversion and Development (BCDA) Authority's P1.6-billion New Clark City High Performance Gymnasium and Sports Museum as well as the Bureau of Corrections' P938.7-million Super Maximum Security Compound will be funded by Chinese grants, although the grant amounts were yet to be determined. Click the video news report.

Ministers warn against no deal Brexit

It's still not the government's policy to rule out a no-deal Brexit, but cabinet ministers have been lining up to warn against it. Click the video news report.

Raw Politics debates possible anti-EU pact between Italy and Poland

The panel on Raw Politics has been debating the possibility of an anti-EU alliance forming between Italy and Poland. Click the video news report.

Is China's economy slowing? | Counting the Cost

The China-US trade war is evident for the world to watch. That countdown expires at the end of next month and billions of dollars of penalties are still in place. For many economists, what happens next will prove to be the key factor in deciding the outlook for Asia's economy in 2019. Click the video news report.

Decoding The Australian Economy

Reviewing the RBA's latest chart pack and discuss the key themes in the economy, including household debt, home prices, credit growth and international debt exposure. Click the video news report.

The African economy in 2019

Africa's economic growth in 2018 will continue in 2019 in sub-Saharan Africa, averaging 3.6% over the next two years, according to World Bank estimates.  Click the video news report.

Examined : Turkey's economy and its forecast for 2019

The government has reassured the public, saying its initiatives and reforms will usher in a new year of stability for the country's finances. In part that will be fueled by a strong export sector, which rose by more than 7 per cent last year and that growth is expected to continue in 2019. But some economists are still wary. Unemployment and inflation rates are still worryingly high, and the current account deficit sits well above 30 billion dollars. Click the video news report.

U.S. Adds 312,000 Jobs, Exceeds Expectations  | MSNBC

According to the December jobs report, the U.S. added 312,000 jobs last month, which greatly exceeded the expected 176,000 jobs. The unemployment slightly ticked up to 3.9% from 3.7%.  Click the video news report.

Venice to charge visitors to enter city

Daytrippers as well as overnight guests will soon have to pay to visit the Italian city of Venice...  Click the video news report for more info.

China leads in innovations for mobile retail

A mobile revolution is changing the way people do business in China. Companies there are integrating brick-and-mortar stores with cellphones to create a more high-tech consumer experience. Ben Tracy reports. Click the video news report.

Will Russia, China, Turkey and India drop the dollar?

According to economists it was historically bad, alongside volatility and uncertainty. Some countries are planning to no longer use the US dollar as a standard, but why? Former CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton, host of "Boom Bust" joins News with Rick Sanchez to share his insights and predictions for short & long term. Click the video news report.

China has called for a reunification with Taiwan | #Euronews

China's President Xi Jinping has called for a peaceful "reunification" with Taiwan - but also warned he did not rule out the use of force if needed.  Click the video news report.

Egypt hopes to receive 5th tranche of IMF loan in Jan. 2019

Egypt hopes to receive the fifth tranche of its $ 12 billion IMF loan program in January, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said Sunday. In a statement, the presidency said the Fund commended the nation for adhering to the implementation of targeted reform measures. The International Monetary Fund offered the 3-year long program in 2016 after Egypt agreed to a reform package including devaluing the Egyptian pound, cuts to energy subsidies and introduction of a value-added tax. Click the video news report.

Romania to take over from Austria for EU's rotating presidency | #Euronews

New Year's Day will see Romania take over the EU's rotating presidency for the first time. With EU parliament elections, Brexit and a migration crisis at hand, Romania will help set the agenda for what is expected to be a pivotal moment for the bloc. Click the video news report.

Economic developments to watch in 2019 | Counting the Cost

The Dow Jones industrial average saw the worst Christmas Eve trading day in its history. While the country's gross domestic product (GDP) is still pointing to the upside, there's a cocktail of factors flashing a pessimistic message: the US government partial shutdown, higher interest rates and President Donald Trump's tweets criticising the US central bank, in addition to trade tensions with China which threatens to derail growth. Click the video news report.

The Debate: France's changing eating habits

France is still associated with fine cuisine, fresh produce and a deep-seated table culture - provided that you're neither poor nor swamped for time. Click the video news report.

Saudi King Salman announces government reshuffle | Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabia's King Salman has announced a major reshuffle of his cabinet. Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has been replaced and a new political and security council has been formed. Marwan Kabalan, head of policy analysis at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, talks to Al Jazeera about what could be behind the shuffle.  Click the video news report.

IMF's Lagarde Tells Angola

'Do More To Cut Dependence On Oil'

For more informations on this news click the video news report by Channels Televison.

The IMF is at it Again in Argentina's Economic Crisis

The International Monetary Fund is helping again to resolve the Argentinian economic crisis, Click the news report for more info.

Yanis Varoufakis | The Euro Has Never Been More Problematic | Oxford Union

Yanis Varoufakis is an economist, author, and politician who served as the Greek Minister of Finance in 2015. Since then, Varoufakis has launched the pan-European 'Democracy in Europe Movement 2025'. In this talk, he will argue 'the Euro has never been more problematic'. Click the video news report.

If National Emergency, Trump could Freeze Bank Accts, Shutdown Internet, Deploy Troops to US Cities

What Donald Trump could do if declares a state of emergency. The moment the president declares a "national emergency"-a decision that is entirely within his discretion-he is able to set aside many of the legal limits on his authority.t would be nice to think that America is protected from the worst excesses of Trump's impulses by its democratic laws and institutions.   Click the video news report.

Pisani-Ferri (European University Institute) on Banking Union

Jean Pisani-Ferry (European University Institute) at the presentation of Prometeia Quarterly Economic Outlook December 2018. Click the video news report.

Australian Economic Update - December 2018

Your financial well-being and plans for the future can be impacted by various economic events, so below is a video to assist you to stay up to date with the latest indicators. The economic news out of the US and in Australia was mostly positive in November, but that didn't stop a global sharemarket correction.  Click the video news report.

Theresa May tries to salvage Brexit deal in Brussels

Theresa May is ending the worst week of her political life in the place where she now looks more comfortable than Westminster. Click the video news report.

The Irish backstop: Everything you need to know

The Northern Ireland backstop is fast becoming the most famous part of the Withdrawal Agreeement - and for good reason. It is supposed to prevent checks at the Irish border if no trade deal is reached by the end of transition but it is also appears the biggest barrier to approval in Parliament.  Click the video news report.

Asian Economy 2019: A Conversation With Ruchir Sharma

Ruchir Sharma, head of emerging markets and chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, delivers an address on Asia's economic outlook in 2019 and beyond before participating in a Q&A moderated by Asia. Click the video news report.

Why is Australia so rich?: York

New South Wales Conservative Party candidate Sophie York outlines the importance of coal to Australia's economic prosperity.  Click the video news report.

Mantak Chia: Techniques to Activate The Second Brain

Mantak Chia: "We have a second brain" . Do this to activate the second brain. His techniques are already used in the ancient times and the scientist in the UK discovered this in our body. Click the video news report .

UN members adopt global migration pact | Al Jazeera

Leaders from 164 countries have agreed to a global pact that sets in action a plan "to prevent suffering and chaos" for global migration despite opposition and several withdrawals, including from the United States. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) was agreed upon on Monday at an intergovernmental conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Click the video news report.

Brexit backstop is 'calculated risk', Attorney General admits

The Attorney General admitted today that the draft Brexit deal was a calculated risk. Click the video news report.

Financial Crime Risk Management

KPMG firms are transforming financial crime risk management with a new suite of products designed to improve compliance quality, enhance customer experience and reduce cost.  Click the video news report.

Why is Qatar leaving OPEC? l Inside Story

Qatar is leaving the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, the first Gulf country to pull out since joining more than half a century ago. Qatar plans to expand its role as the world's number one exporter of liquefied natural gas and boost production by more than 50 percent to 110 million tonnes a year The decision to quit OPEC comes just days before a crucial meeting of members in Vienna to discuss cutting supplies. Oil prices reached a four-year high of more than $80 a barrel a couple of months ago but has now dropped to about $60. Click the video news report.

Analysis: impact of Qatar's decision to withdraw from OPEC

TRT World's Oubai Shahbandar discusses impact on global energy markets and the future of natural gas exports as Qatar announces that it is withdrawing its membership in OPEC Click the video news report.

Brexit will lead to economically poorer UK says government research | Euronews

Brexit will have some sort of collateral damage for leaving the European Union." Newly released government research has shown that Brexit will lead to an economically poorer UK. Click the video news report.

Should Spain and Portugal welcome Chinese investment? | Raw Politics

As Chinese President Xi Jinping eyes up investment opportunities in Spain and Portugal, Raw Politics looks at whether this is wise for Europe. ...Click the video news report.

City of the Future: Singapore - Full Episode | National Geographic

With visionary thinkers and innovators as the guides, City of the Future: Singapore dives deep into the latest innovations and technology being created and implemented to blaze a path into the future. Click the video news report.

Oil Deals May Be Key To Peace In South China Sea

The oil deals between Philippines and China is one of the best ways to secure peace. Both sides got that deal on Tuesday. The joint oil and gas exploration agreement was one of 29 deals inked Tuesday during Xi's two-day state visit to Manila. It came at a time of tensions ratcheted up further by Vice President Mike Pence during the APEC Summit this weekend which saw the Veep basically boxing Trump into a corner on China. Click the video news report.

Big infrastructure push in the Philippines

In 2017, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte launched the "Build. Build. Build" strategy. As part of the massive infrastructure project, leaders from China and the Philippines are set to sign a deal on a 600-kilometer railway project, which will run from Manila to Matnog in Sorsogon. The Philippines plans to spend around 180 billion U.S. dollars on over 75 flagship projects until 2022. That includes six new airports, nine railway lines, three bus rapid transits, 32 roads and bridges, and four seaports. Click the video news report.

China, Philippines lift ties to strategic cooperative partnership

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Philippine counterpart Rodrigo Duterte attended a joint news conference on Tuesday, agreeing to upgrade their relations to a strategic cooperative partnership. Click the video news  report.

EU WARNED: Italy likely to DITCH Euro to introduce OWN currency, financial strategist says

EU WARNED: Italy likely to DITCH Euro to introduce OWN currency, financial strategist says Italy's Government has refused to budge from their budget proposal for 2019 despite the European Union rejecting the plan. Brussels issued Rome with an ultimatum, warning the bloc is prepared to severely fine the member states if their demands are not met by the end of November. The ongoing war of words between the Italian Republic and Eurocrats has been fuelling forecast the country could soon abandon both the bloc and the eurozone. Click the video news report.

EU asks UK to stick to divorce deal despite growing opposition at home

The British Prime Minister, #TheresaMay is heading to Brussels this week, to try seal the deal over #Brexit -and the #EU is expecting it to go ahead without any glitches.  Click the video news report.

How to prepare for the next global recession | The Economist

A decade after the global recession, the world's economy is vulnerable again. Ryan Avent, our economics columnist, considers how the next recession might happen-and what governments can do about it Click the video news report.

Is this the quote that sums up Brexit? Raw Politics

Lithuania's Dalia Grybauskaitė spoke for many with her incomprehension over the UK's policy goals.... Click the video news report.

What Will Happen to Humans Before 2050?

If you ever dream of being able to see the future, this video is something just for you. Nowadays you don't need to be a psychic to predict the future, sometimes it's enough to just analyze the present. Here're the events that are planned to happen or will probably happen by the year 2050. Click the video  presented to you by Bright Side.

Self-Driving Cars Won't Save Cities - by PolyMatter

This video is presented to you by PolyMatter, Click the link for more info over PolyMatter Brilliant.org  .