What Is Window Azure

This hand-drawn video answers the question "What is Windows Azure?" For more information about click the foto above for the video link.

Microsoft Azure Intro

An introduction to microsoft Azure. Click foto for the video link.

What Is Azure

What is Microsoft Azure - we get asked this question multiple times a week and so, decided to create a video on it, to help you understand exactly what it is and what it does.  Click foto for the video link.


This video is part of the Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions course available on EdX. Click the above foto for the video link.


In this session, you will see how you can use Azure Logic Apps to automate business processes without using code.  Click foto for the video link.


Learn how to set up a virtual network including IP address blocks, DNS settings, security policies, and routing tables on the Azure portal. Click foto for the link video.

Building Cloud Apps Using Windows Azure

In this session you will get an overview of the tools that help you get started building applications that target Windows Azure Web Sites, Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, and Mobile Services. Click foto above for the link.

Azure Web Apps

Azure Websites is one of the top services that Microsoft added to their cloud. It doesn't matter if you are a Node.JS, PHP, ASP.NET developer, with Azure Websites you get a great runtime environment for your products. Click foto for the link video.

Azure Application Platform

Microsoft Azure Application Platform comprises of a rich set of PaaS Services that allows you to be more productive when you're developing applications in the cloud. Click the above link foto for the audio.